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Trees of Hope Jr.

Trees of Hope Jr. is a program currently open to children under 18 of the active board and advisory members. While not permitted on the Star of Hope campus, our Jr. members are able to volunteer through different avenues to help make the experience of their peers residing at Star of Hope a better one. 





Biannually, in January and August, Trees of Hope members receive a shopping list of needed shoes for the children at Star of Hope.

They spend an afternoon selecting shoes to create a ‘shoe store’ at the Star of Hope facility.​

Members then assist the resident children in sizing and selecting their new shoes. At the same time, they help with refreshments, art projects and a movie area.


DAY bags

Our Trees of Hope Jr. members annually prepare Valentine's Day bags for all the children living at Star of Hope.

Each Jr. member is given 2-3 bags to curate items for.  They select their favorite things and help decorate a bag to make Valentine's Day more special for a child in need.  


4 A Cause

Trees of Hope Jr. members

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